Editorial Services

My philosophy is that a writer or organization is an individual with a unique voice and expertise. A writer has his or her own message and purpose that needs to be communicated to the right audience. My editorial role is to provide helpful, honest feedback to motivate and help you with your project. It is my role to help your message come across clearly to the right audience.

I have experience in:

  • Fiction: YA, adult, women’s, literary, multicultural fiction
  • Non-fiction: general interest, self-help, personal essays, cookbooks
  • Dialects: translating from American English to British English (or vice-versa). I enjoy the nuances of the English language as it travel from one land to another


Each project is unique and has its own needs. My rates will depend on the level of editing and length. My editing services are listed below. If you are not sure what you need you may email me and we can work together to figure out what type of editing works best for your needs. I am also more than happy to provide you with a free 500-word sample edit so that you can make an informed decision before committing. You are welcome to email me at indu.shanmugam@gmail.com or use the contact form on the website.

For a specific rate quote, I will need the following information: genre/topic of your manuscript, word count, a short sample, and expected completion date. Please let me know if you have any deadlines. I will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Editorial Services & Levels of Editing

Developmental Editing. Think of developmental editing as big picture editing. The primary emphasis is theme, plot, genre, voice, and ideas. This includes defining your target audience, and how to best communicate your ideas and message in the most clear and consistent tone that is uniquely your style. Organization of chapters, format, and other structural concerns will be addressed. Grammar, sentences, mechanics are generally not covered. There is no point of fixing sentences when the section may be entirely taken out. After a developmental edit and revision, copyediting is the next step.

Copyediting (also known as line editing). Copyediting is a thorough edit of sentence structures, grammar, spelling, and fact checking. Copyediting checks for accuracy of dates, references, and tables and charts. The three C’s of copyediting are correctness, clarity, and consistency. Copyediting ensures that your beloved heroine does not have blue eyes in chapter one and brown eyes in chapter ten, or the dates of an event are accurate, or the pop-culture references are appropriate for the audience.

Proofreading or light copyediting: Proofreading is checking the printer’s proofs. Light copyediting is a final pass to catch typos, minor grammatical blunders, and fine polish the manuscript before submission for publication. Many people use copyediting and proofreading synonymously. My rate for light copyediting and proofreading is the same. 

Manuscript Review: What if your manuscript doesn’t fit any of the above editing needs? Maybe you just finished your first draft and you’d like some direction before revising. A manuscript review is where I read the manuscript from the beginning to the end. Then, I will write a letter that provides detailed feedback. In the letter, you will receive feedback that outlines specific recommendations. The purpose is to provide direction for revision and the next steps. I have experience editing first drafts. A manuscript review is recommended for first draft feedback.

Let’s talk if you are interested.

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