My Wedding Dress?

Forget Vera Wang or the 90s Jessica McClintock white dresses. What else can be so unique and sophisticated than wearing a dress made from books. I would definitely wear this book dress but not for a wedding where there’s a dance party. I can’t imagine what’d would happen when I’m taking my vows outside and then it rains.

My first reaction was, “Damn, that’s awesome!” During my high school days, I heard contests of designing prom dresses from duct tape. But those dresses were hideous. Comissioning a couture bridal designer made the difference. You can see Jennifer Pritchard Couchman‘s blog here describing the process and pictured of the first Word dress fitting. The dress now hangs in Thomas Storey Gallery, Lancaster.

Claire Massey wore this dress at a literary festival for a reading in 2012. It’s been a couple of years but I still remember the dress.

It’d be a great dress for a book or writer’s festival. There have been other book dresses but they are not as beautiful.

But I think I’d stick to book arts and crafts. Books can be used for creative centerpieces and all sorts of crafts. Thanks to Pinterest, there are tons of ideas.

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