Testimonials & Clips

Indu edited a novel of mine and I found her to be wonderfully detail-oriented and knowledgeable about editing and book publication. The combination of competence and patience made her a really good person to work with.” —Amber Michelle Cook, author of Night of the Victorian Dead

“Indu is a very exacting and punctual editor who always went above and beyond the requirements, even when under a heavy workload. After having her work for me I would highly recommend her for employment. —Isaac Mayo, Ooligan Press

“Indu dedicates herself to her work, and she does so with panache—a fine sense of humor and comradely support in team settings. As a publishing grad student, Indu was always willing to step up when deadlines loomed.” —Dennis Stovall, Publisher at Ooligan Press

“Indu was a valuable member of the Ooligan Press External Promotions team. She was always professional, and ready to take on any task, large or small. She did a great job helping organize events so that the press could reach a larger audience. We miss her enthusiasm.”—Lorna Nakell, Public Relations Coordinator, Ooligan Press

Portfolio & Clips


Fiction & Poetry

“Discovering New Flavors in Portland Restaurants.” Where the Roses Smell the Best: A Literary Companion to Portland. Unique Ink, 2013. Memoir Essay.

“Exile.” The Promethean, 2009. Short Story/Fiction.

“Poison” and “Paradise Regained.” The Promethean, 2008. Poetry.

Copywriting & Design 

Wild Peacock Makeup Artistry. FAQ page and email campaign

GGP Glamour Studios. GGP Studios Website

Book Marketing/Copywriting Course. Press Release

Luis’ Kenpo Karate and Jiu Jitsu. Flyer

The Pen Life Blog. Book review. This is one of my favorite articles I’ve written for my own blog, so I’m excited to share.


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