About Indu Shanmugam


Hello World

I’m a global nomad who wIMG_0304as born in New, Delhi, India; grew up in Dubai, and then Seattle, Portland (Oregon); lived in Argentina and Singapore. I’m now a Boston lady. I spend my time with my husband, Luis and my stepson, Eddie. I’m a third culture kid. It’s an interesting place to be.

Even before I could talk I had a vivid imagination and loved stories. I then started creating stories and I haven’t stopped. When I was 10 years old, I won a design contest by the Royal Academy of Ballet Dancing.

As an adult, I continued to pursue writing. I am well-versed in both British and American English. Studying the various dialects and “Englishes” around the world is my subject of fascination. In high school, I used to test my English teachers by writing papers in British English.

I am passionate about the art and craft of publishing in our contemporary society. My writing experience includes articles for mostly non-profit and a literary non-fiction anthology. My creativity is fueled by the study of character and common life experiences. Having numerous opportunities to live abroad, travel, and experience different cultures had an impact on both my personal and pen life. My calling as a writer is to write mostly fiction about the identity and life experiences of global nomads. I also write from a woman’s point of view. “Woman Writer” should be re-appropriated. I have a novel in progress.

The Pen Life is my blog about the writing lifestyle. My journey as a writer and editor is truly a unique lifestyle. When I hear the term lifestyle blog, I visualize a domestic diva who has a perfect life captured as if she had a professional photographer following her. Lifestyle can mean many things such as the daily little interests that make up a person. A creative lifestyle of a literati is no different.

From my ventures abroad, I discovered that I enjoy mingling with creative people from all cultures. Creative people from all over the world seem to have certain things in common such as curiosity, sense of adventure and exploration, thinking outside the box, and being observers of life. Life itself can be an inspiration. Penning it down helps makes sense of the joys and mysteries of life. In my blog, you’ll find:

  • publishing topics
  • writing advice
  • writer events
  • social commentary of topics, issues, ideas of interest
  • travel adventures,
  • third culture kid experience
  • character sketch: candid experiences of people we encounter
  • book, film, (and anything) reviews
  • personal epiphanies
  • and much more.

And anyone is invited to be a guest blogger for The Pen Life. If you have an idea that belongs here, please message me. Let’s together laugh and observe the quirks we all face when living the pen lifestyle.


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