Writing in the time of Coronavirus

I try to get in as much writing time as possible. Nothing more exhausting than bored kids. I feel for them. Lots of energy. Not able to go out to the parks. Can only go outside when weather cooperates. Can’t see their friends or playdates. I’m scratching my head wondering how the heck do little ones have so much energy? They’ve been flexible and adapting to lockdown. We’re trying to get creative and do fun things together that both a preteen and toddler will enjoy. If I could go back in time, I would tell my childless, younger self, “You don’t realize how much free time you had till you have kids.”

My husband is also laid-off from work. He is also a writer. We end up taking turns writing.

Novel Writing: I’ve been writing. This time I re-did the structure and worked out a few things. I need a general idea of a structure than just writing without any idea where I’m headed. I plan a structure and write a loose outline. The outline is not written in stone. I can change it up as I please. I’m happy how it’s going. Though I feel three middle chapters went on a tangent. I’m putting it aside for later. My strategy is to write daily, even if it’s just an entire chapter or a sentence. A sentence is better than nothing, right.

SIPA, Society of Independent Publishers and Authors. I’ve been meeting with SIPA every Friday through Zoom to check in and hear ideas from others. Connecting with other writers motivates and helps me keep going. I love the accountability factor of checking in daily. It’s great to meet with local writers who are successful self-published authors.

Speculative Literature Foundation Grant Application. I did it. I applied for the grant for South Asian writers. Woot! Now it’s the waiting period.

Writers’ HQ. Got a chance to take a free online writing class from Writers’ HQ. I’m loving the ideas shared and meeting writers from all over the world.

Happy writing to everyone. Feel free to share what you have been doing as a writer.


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