New Year’s Eve Plans


That’s where there are tons of Roaring Twenties themed parties coming up. Fun to see my creative friends who can plan and throw a kickass party. I HATE hosting. I find it stressful and can’t stress how I absolutely hate it. I know some amazing ladies who enjoy the process of coming up with themes and ideas, guest list, menu, games, logistics, and putting it all together. I admire their talent but not interested in pursuing it myself. I’m thankful that I don’t live in the old days where women (especially married women) are expected to be hostesses and the entire family is judged based on that.

I’d stick to being a helper to the hostess OR a wonderful guest. I show up when I RSVP and let someone know ahead of time. Flaking out seems to be the norm, which I find interesting with all the technology we have. It’s still RUDE.

Rather than a Pinterest-worthy soiree, I’m much more satisfied going out to the bar or fun restaurant. Or the most I’d do is beer (or any other fitting beverage like wine or soda), pizza, board games or party games, and have the right people over.

For New Year’s, there’s a party at a local community center where we can take our kids. We plan to hang out till the kids are tired. Put the kids to bed. Then, my husband and I are going to chill out on our comfy couch with wine, cheese, chocolates over a Netflix or Hulu bingefest. And maybe talk about our vision and goals as individuals and together as a family.

Having a kid-free and somewhat quiet time with adult conversations is valuable. I look forward to it.



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