MIA and back again in blogosphere!

Hello Readers:

I’m back after a hiatus. I’ve been redesigning my website for my contract editorial, copywriting, and design services. I like the idea of being a “swiss army knife” of publishing. That’s an awesome metaphor that I stole from another freelancer peer, Alaina Leary. She’s one of the most brilliant person I’ve met. I admire her creativity, ideas, and knowledge. (I look up to you, girl!). She and Anna Williams gave a talk about social media for editors and freelancers. If you have questions or want help with your social media, she’s the person. I’m thankful and happy to be surrounded by many talented, smart, motivated, and interesting people here in Boston.

My husband and I just got a new house. We wanted more space with our growing family. I’ve been getting more involved with Editorial Freelancers’ Association as one of their chapter coordinators, and mingling with the marketing community of Boston. I love to keep busy. I can’t wait to paint my new home office with a Hunter Green shade like the one here.

I created a new website for my business. Check it out here! And still kept this blog. I wanted to separate blogging from my business webpage, yet connect them somehow. So, here it is!

I will continually update my blog, either here or on LinkedIn. I’m shooting for 2-3 posts per month.

If you enjoyed reading my blogs, the best compliment you can give me is supporting me in my blogging and freelance journey. Here are some ways you can show your support:

  •  Subscribe to my blog. It was exciting to reach 1,000+ subscribers.
  • Follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter
  •  Feel free to repost and share if you love what I have to say
  • If you know a writer who could use editorial or book design services or a small business owner looking for website content writing, logo design or design of marketing materials, please refer them to me.

Thank you all, my wonderful readers. I look forward to good times ahead.


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