Watching Buffy 20 Years Later

Those of us re-watching Buffy since it came out in 1997, it brings so many chuckles, memories, and hot guys on screen. The reason Buffy was popular was because it captured the alienation a young girl feels for being headstrong, tough, and nonconformist. There’s a lot of pressure for teenage girls to be pretty, popular, and not valued for character. And, of course the kickass action, mystery, witty lines, and dry humor.


Not everybody gets dry humor. And, doesn’t it feel good to be the one who gets it and feel great when someone around you doesn’t and looks baffled? That person was my mom. I wasn’t allowed to watch Buffy, because my mom preferred intellectual TV shows and movies. She didn’t get paranormal, sci-fi, and mystery. I wasn’t allowed to watch any of those. Like a good teenager, I end up watching it at a friend’s house instead. Now, some of my friends are also mothers.

Good thing my stepson is only 7 years old. I’m sure he’ll go through his stage of rebellion as a teenager. When he rebels against me and my husband, the joke’s on us. I bet our parents are probably laughing. The time will come. We believe that our kids are not always going to like the same things as we do. There’s no need for fear-driven parenting. It’s not healthy.



The first thing I remember was the episode returned from hell and he was naked. Which 16 year old girl doesn’t mind seeing a hot guy like? I remember watching it at a friend’s house and the giggles that followed.

buffy_1x5_owenThen we got other hot guys that appeared such as Owen, the hot literature geek who rejects mean popular girl, Cordelia and goes for the nonconformist, Buffy. This almost sounds like my dream guy.

Well, today I’m married to a smart handsome man who is one of a kind.

There are others too. But, it’s nice to have good looking guys who have substance to them. In real life, we have to deal with immature teenage boys. I found most of the boys in my high school annoying and shallow. It sucks that boys are two years behind us in puberty and growth till we all become young adults.


28f27b17492c8bfa784c3670624250c1The outdated fashion and pop-culture references crack me up. Seriously, did I even think that a pretty floral dress with chunky combat-style boots with chunky heels from Hot Topic was actually cool?
I wore a navy blue empire waist dress to a school dance. Those empire waist dresses made everyone look pregnant. At least, I feel flattered knowing that I was right on with the trends.

Then, there’s pagers. No cell phones. And, going to Starbucks to study was rare or unheard of. We’d go to Starbucks to hang out, check out hot guys, or go on dates. I don’t recall seeing anyone study or read quietly on an evening in Starbucks until later in college.

I remember going to a club in Portland with my friends and in a bar, we’d expect people hanging out. But I was surprised to see a couple of tables with a computer screen and I saw people facebooking. Seriously, who does that when they are going out?

Sometimes, I like to pretend it’s 1993 and not be online when I’m finishing a major project, especially writing. The issue I’ve found is that with technology, people assume I’m  on speed dial. I found my ways to set boundaries.

I actually forgot all about Buffy: The Vampire Slayer till I was reminded that March 10th was its 20th anniversary. In 1997, I was a high school freshman. I decided to watch the series in Netflix and go down memory lane.

I can definitely tell you that I would never want to relive my past. Yet, I’m glad to know that there was a headstrong, unique, kickass woman in me wanting to get out. I’m out. So there.

I still admit that I feel like a rebel for watching Buffy.





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