Missing in Action, Back to Blogosphere.

I haven’t been lately blogging. I’m now embracing married life with a 7-year-old stepson. Luis and I tied the knot on July 23rd. Even for a small wedding ceremony and reception, it gets hectic and at times stressful during the last couple of weeks. So many details and tasks.

Luis and I got away to Narragansett, Rhode Island for a short honeymoon. We could have gone to some exotic faraway paradise. But, we haven’t explored much of New England. He’s a Cambridge native, which makes it easy to take the local getaways for granted while I’m a newcomer to the East Coast. After all the wedding related events, I wanted to be alone with my new husband in a nice, serene beach away from everything. My husband is the kind of man who will continually surprise me and I’ll discover more things about him even after 10 years of marriage. That’s wonderful. Otherwise, he’d be another dull, basic bro. He’s got substance, depth, passion, and so much wisdom in addition to attractiveness.

As things are settling down as the weather changes, I’m back to designing and editing books. I recently discovered that I enjoy designing coffee table books and cookbooks. I hope for more projects of that type. As far as editing, I enjoy a variety of projects. Regardless of genre, topic, or length of work, editing is about improving the writing’s clarity, conciseness, and correctness.

Starting September, I

Starting September, I will be taking a 6 Weeks, 6 Essays writing class through Grub Street. This class is about writing one 600- 1,000 personal essay each week, and 3 essays will be workshopped in class. Sometimes taking a dive into the deep end is the way to get things done. I miss writing classes and want to experiment with a new genre of writing, personal essays. I finished reading Dinty W. Moore’s Crafting the Personal Essay, which I highly recommend.

My new challenges are organizing my time, re-examining priorities and goals, avoiding distractions, and fighting against my body. Exhaustion and constant fatigue takes over at times. When that happens, I’m so worn out physically that I don’t want to get up. This is when I should be wary of overcompensation by trying to do too much in a day. I enjoy variety as I believe that variety is the spice of life. It’s a balancing act of consistency while adding variety. And, organization. It’s easy to organize myself, but a family has more variables. I’m going to try it in the next month. Otherwise, I’ll check out Christina Katz’s Writer Mama for some peptalk about balancing my life without choking my writing/publishing career.

Being back to blogosphere, I will be posting more helpful tips, thoughts, and everything related to the pen life.


This little munchkin is my stepson and I wish I even had half of his energy. He’s full of energy that is typical of a little boy.



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