My Facebook Friends are Cool

My fb friends (all of you) are awesome. I love how everyone on my page have diverse cultural backgrounds, countries, religion, politics, current issues, parenting, relationships, and ideas. I actually learn something new or challenged in my perspectives from fb posts and get good laughs. I don’t care about your background. As long as you’re not an asshole or drama queen, I’d love to talk to you. Surrounding yourselves with alike is so basic. I’m easily bored. Getting to know people, especially those opposite to me, makes life interesting. Sometimes, I may not understand a person right away or ever. But, that’s where “agree to disagree” comes. It takes maturity, patience, and humility. I like to rise up and challenge myself in that arena. I’m glad to have all sorts of people on my page.
To all parents: Thanks for posting your cute baby pics and talking about parenting. Good thing, I paid attention because now I’m prepared for my 6-year-old stepson. Seeing your adorable baby pictures makes me want to have babies. I’m not as scared of pregnancy or childbirth anymore as I used to be.
Sappy, cute couples: You’re happy and you know it, so go ahead and show the world your happiness. Sure I may laugh at your sentimental quirkiness. I’m tired of negative attitudes towards relationships. FYI, I ain’t a naive pollyanna. I came from a broken home, family dysfunction, and divorced parents. I have also seen others fuck up their marriages because they can’t get their own life together or have immaturity issues. Age is no indicator. I’ve seen mature 19-year-olds and immature 50-year-olds. For a change, it’s nice to see that people still believe in marriage and pursuing stable relationships.
Kickass Singles: You think I’m going to forget about you? Of course not. As a woman, I’m fed up with the idea that marriage is the ultimate goal and end all for a woman. I have a life after marriage too, as I’m not attached to my husband by the hip. I still pursue writing, creativity, social outlets. I understand how some people can be judgmental and think you’re unhappy or missing something. I call it bullshit! I like seeing you live it up, be happy, and have good times. When I see you having a great time, it validates my personal mantra that I lived out. It is, “If you are unhappy as a single, what makes you think marriage magically changes everything?” You are still the same person.” I like seeing it validated. And, thank you my single friends for demonstrating the world that your identity isn’t about your relationship status. Relationship status isn’t a trophy or status symbol. Go, knock yourself out.
Travel Pictures: Oh fun, makes me think of the places I’ve been or want to go. As a writer, I love exploring different settings. I like to hear your travel tales. I won’t be traveling much till the kids are older. Regardless, nothing will take away my wander lust, as I like to explore the world and learn about world cultures at home. I’m part of InterNations for that very reason.
Politics & Religion: I’m glad that people my age (or younger) are okay with openly talking about the so-called taboo conversational topics of politics and religion. Cat pictures and selfies get boring after a while. I love how I can learn new things from browsing Facebook posts and conversations. Sometimes, I’m annoyed by how overly-sensitive and crybabyish Americans can be about these topics. I miss how in some countries, it is not considered rude to bring up politics or religion in conversations with strangers. Sometimes, there’s the other extreme where conversations can exclude people. It is possible to have a respectful, civil conversation about politics and religion. I love how atheists or people of other religions or spiritual views challenge my views with questions. Sure, I may not “win” every time, but that’s not that it’s about. I don’t mind your background.
As long as you are not a pompous, self-righteousness boor and give respect that you expect to be returned, I don’t mind conversing or getting to know you. Politics & religion being acceptable elsewhere doesn’t necessarily mean ponies and flowers. For example, Indian culture frustrates me because older people and men have this attitude that just because they are born a few years earlier or have a penis, they are right and can get very rude and pushy about their ideas.
Creative People and Hobbyists: Please share your art proudly and talk about it. Share your successes, failures, and processes whether it be painting, visual arts, filmmaking, writing, culinary arts, home decor, crafts, baking, woodwork or any other projects. I want to see the cool things you are doing. Creativity inspires creativity, even if it is another medium. One of my short stories was inspired by an abstract painting.
Parties, happenings, cool events: Have fun. I like to see people having fun. Maybe it may interest me in trying something new.
I’m happy that most people I know aren’t Kardashian wannabes. I must have good taste. I like Facebook because it’s easy to keep in touch with people I know from different parts of the world. As an extrovert, I have a need constant people-facing. I just enjoy company and like seeing what’s up. I find social gatherings relaxing and after a long day of work, I like going to a crowded coffee shop or bar, because I like seeing people and movement. I have been like this since I was a baby. My mom said that when there were people over, I was easygoing and went anyone. I would cry if someone held me facing inwards, because I like to be held facing out where I can see everyone.
Just no endless cat pictures, please. I have a confession to make. I ‘m not a cat person, as I find cats annoying. I can’t stand cats. I won’t kick a cat. I choose not to have one.


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