My Reading List



Reading List


Here’s my most recent reading list. 

  • Merchants of Culture. My favorite book about publishing. A must read for anyone interested in the future of publishing and our current times as publishing is in transition. I’ve read it before but lost my copy when traveling. So, I just had to get another copy for myself.
  • Crafting the Personal Essay. I have taken a class about personal essays. I honestly didn’t get a lot from the class. It was a new genre. And, I was going through a difficult time and unable to process certain things. The hardest part of personal essay writing was moving beyond genre. The assignments in class ended up being a stream-of-consciousness memoir. Personal essays are not memoirs. The toughest challenge is how do you make your personal essay to be covering universal themes. I didn’t get that question answered. I’m hoping to get some tips and want to challenge myself in a new genre.
  • The Writer’s Journey. I’ve read and studied Joseph Campbell and familiar with the hero’s journey and cycle. I’m interested in how the hero’s journey applies to a psychological level. I’m particularly interested in the female journey and how to apply it to my stories.
  • The Sleepwalkers Guide to Dancing. After reading the reviews, I’m curious to find out for myself. Who says literary fiction cannot have humor? I haven’t read another book by a Malayalee author since Arundhati Roy.
  • Americanah. I wanted to read this for a while. I make it a point to read writings from people who are different from me. (Ok, white male writers that includes you too cuz technically you are different from me). I like hearing perspectives. My favorite part of my hostel stay at Bangkok was hanging out from people from all over the world and hearing their stories. I’m familiar with Latino, Asian, British, European, African-American literature. I haven’t had much experience with African writers other than Chinua Achebe Things Fall Apart from my high school World Literature class and Little Bee by Chris Cleave. I was inspired by Ms. Adichie’s personal essay “Why Can’t a Smart Woman Love Fashion?” That inspired me to start exploring the idea of personal essays.












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