Snow Days of 2015 is International Film Fest for me

2015-01-24 09.18.17

6 inches of snow on Saturday

After the snow blizzard on Monday night to Tuesday afternoon…

2015-01-27 11.55.19

Tuesday afternoon at 11am with 2 feet of snow

It’s a snowing. My office is closed. It’s also my first New England winter or experience of a real winter with snow. Don’t listen to those drama queens at the news stations who call it a snowcalypse. Where I live, it’s nothing close. This area gets snow almost every winter. However, this is considered one of the worst winters. When Dunkin’ Donuts is closed, it’s serious but not life-threatening-serious. People have been living in this region for over hundreds of years. Or, consider the people who live way north (or south).

My friend Sarah, knows the perfect snow storm survival techniques: wine & cheese and good books.

My roommate played in the snow when it wasn’t windy. I went out, but I could sense asthma symptoms brewing. I decided to turn my snow day into International Film Day. The nominees are in from a few movie buffs in Facebook world. A good  movie to me is a film that has the ability to transport me to another world. Something different from the typical. Yet, I like to keep my expectations low to avoid the film critic’s eyes. Otherwise, I’d end up disappointed.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.42.30 PM

Here they are…

Snowpiercer (Korean)

Directed by Bong Joon-ho, this South Korean movie has an international cast and it’s also his first English language film. It’s set in a postapocalyptic world when a global Ice Age strikes and kills all life on the planet except for a few. Isn’t this film the right opener for a snow day film fest?

Wilford engineers a train with an everlasting engine to house the survivors. This trains continuously runs around the world. A class-system emerges in the train cabins. The lowest class known as the tail end suffer the most with hunger, overcrowdedness, and tyranny. Curtis and Edgar lead the tail enders to fight for their rights. They break through their carriage and make their way towards the front. This is a journey with gun shots and deaths as the prime minister and her group fights back.

Check out the trailer below.

My friend Donny thinks, “The movie was weird, but has a message.” Guess what? I was in the mood to watch a weird movie. It was weird in the sense that it was dark, unusual. It was refreshing to watch something without all the typical Hollywood cliches. For a change, I enjoy unpredictable movies. I wanted to know what would happen next and in the end. The ending was certainly unpredictable. It symbolizes that there is a new life and a new story to be written. Prior to the ending, Curtis does something irrational. Would any of us do the most irrational deed for the sake of morality and keeping our values consistent? I can relate well to the ending when I suffered through life for many years, and I’m now seeing the light and drops of joy. During these years, there were unique experiences and good things, but it’s hard to embrace it with the personal hell I lived through. Now it’s over, I’m ready for the next phase of life.

Watch this movie, if you are in the mood for something dark, full of action, suspense, and “weird.” By weird, I mean a film that tosses away the same ol’ things. If you enjoyed Delicatessen, you’d like Snowpiercer too.

By the way, if you are a fan of Chris Evans, having him in the movie makes the weirdness manageable. Isn’t he just gorgeous? Here is Tumblr full of his shirtless pics. Sorry Adrienne and Erica, I’d take him anytime over Ryan Gosling. Maybe I find him hot because his figure resembles Luis, my hot boyfriend. Both my boyfriend and Chris Evans have the rugged man look with chest hair.

Chris Evans

On the photo shoot for Details Magazine. Photo courtest of Celebuzz!

Chocolate (Thai)

Chocolate_thai_movie-poster01Nothing beats a kickass martial arts action film. I grew up watching Jackie Chan. Nothing beats Chinese Kung Fu movies (or any Asian martial arts movies).

Maybe it’s the 5th grade girl in me, but I love stories that have a strong woman who is fiece, fearless, and doesn’t let anything stop her. I’m fed up with heroines whose girl power usually translates sex power. I have nothing against sexuality as I’m confident in my own sexuality. For a change, can’t heroines be known for their talent rather than fake boobs?

Of course, even if a woman chooses to have implants, there’s no judgment. Being a naturally endowed woman, it seems weird to me that implants are apparently popular but it’s a nightmare finding bras (especially sports bras) that fit properly or support those mammary glands during intense workouts.

Without going completely off-topic, it’s empowering to have an ordinary girl who uses her talent to beat up bad guys. I mean she confronts goons and defeats them with her self-taught knowledge of Muy Thai. That’s just fucking awesome!

The heroine’s mother, Zin, has an affair with a Japanese gangster. It is unclear (and I’m not sure) if it’s a taboo in Thai society for a local woman to get involved with a Japanese man. Her ex-boyfriend is jealous of the relationship. She gives birth to an autistic daughter, Zen, and adopts a boy who is bullied. They move into a place shared by a Muy Thai school. Zen becomes interested in fighting by carefully watching students practice, movies, and video games. Zin becomes sick with cancer and treatment is expensive. The kids make money performing in the streets but that isn’t enough. Then, they find a book listing people who owe Zen money. They confront the debtors who were unwilling to give what they owned. Zen fights them to get it. Thus, they could pay the medical bills. Towards, the end Zin’s ex confronts the family. It becomes a bloody fight that takes lives of two main players. Then, the film ends with reconcilliation of two long lost family members.

An ordinary girl who kicks ass minus irrelevant sexuality, great action and  dangerous fighting scenes, and an unexpecting ending where the good guys still win. What else can I ask from a martial arts film?

I watched two flicks where I root for the protagonists, with atypical plot and motifs, and unexpected endings.

Ancient Aliens

I then continued to watch History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, a documentary outlining ancient astronaut theory. That theory is the idea that aliens with much advanced technology visited earth in the past and influenced our culture.

 Conspiracy theories are fun to watch. As for me, I thought it was fun watching George Tsukalos’ wild hair change in each video.

The ideas was intriguing and I wanted to see how the argument developed. There were some holes. Thanks to the memes provided by the internet world, I feel that the documentaries sum up most of the points like this:

The material presented is helpful for sci-fi writers and those who appreciate alien sci-fi. I enjoy reading fiction about aliens and watching TV shows and movies about aliens. It’s an escape and a medium to figure out our own crazy world. Other than that, the holes in the development of the key arguments didn’t convert me. At times, I couldn’t take it seriously. My views are that it is a possibility. It’s not something worth paying attention to. When it comes to beliefs about the existence of aliens, I’m a militant agnostic.

As an adult, snow days that I have entirely to myself are rare. When I have kids, they’ll be home for the snow days. I certainly enjoyed my day with movies of the world

There’s more to come. On the following day, I watched a couple more. Luis and I watched The Interview. I then watched some French movies.


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