Dreaming of Singapore


img_0012.jpgI had a dream that I came to Singapore with Luis and Eddie. In the dream, I was telling a group of people coming to Singapore for the first time about the days I lived in Singapore. The timid group didn’t want to venture out. My reaction was, “Are you kidding? You came all the way here to just camp out in your hotel rooms?”

I decided to go out and I came back. A few people were asking me where I went and how I got there. I was trying to explain how the MRT (the train system) and bus works. I convinced them that it’s the easiest and most efficient transit system in the world. I also get it. I remember the moments that followed after I landed in Singapore. Kelly picked me up from the airport at midnight. While riding the cab, I marveled at the beautiful, modern architecture, city lights, and trees. Everything looked so well-planned and perfect. It was too perfectly lined that I wondered how I’d find my way around. Everything looked the same to me. So, I could understand the reluctance of the newcomers.

The view from my apartment. I lived in Clementi (on the westside) and this area is considered a suburb.

Then, I decided to spend time by exploring the city with the people who matter the most. I met all my old friends. We hung out just like the old times. Poor Luis was overwhelmed with all the new faces and new names. The last thing about the dream was Eddie running around in the Botanic Gardens.

where locals eat

Where locals eat. At the hawker. It’s a cafeteria style place where you can find a good variety of malay, thai, chinese, Indian food. And, of course, the national dish of Singapore, which is Chicken Rice.

That’s the dream. I don’t believe in dream interpretation and don’t waste my time reading too much into it. I don’t remember my dreams. I usually see dreams as entertainment. When I look back at my entire Singapore experience, it feels like a blink of the eye. It went so fast. I wonder at times, “Have I travelled enough?” or “Should I have taken more advantage of the fact that I am abroad?”

Check out the fire dancers at Sentosa Island

I was quite adventurous. I went out trying to meet people outside the ICS bubble. I put intentional effort to knowing people from all walks of life. If I even have to wonder if I made the most of my overseas experience, then that it means I had plenty of excellent adventures. Variety is the spice of life and what makes things exciting. It would be boring to spend time with people who are exactly like me and look like me. I’m living a fast paced life. I can’t believe that it’s almost 9 months since I arrived in Boston. I’m moving forward with the next season of my life.

2013-10-27 14.58.24

Bintan Lagoon Resort. This getaway from the city is only a 45 minute ferry ride. It’s truly a paradise. I had moments like these despite the challenges I faced.


To all my Singapore friends and old coworkers, I miss you all.


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