Christmas Weekend in Portland, Oregon

Visiting Portland felt weird. I felt strangely out of place. Even though I grew up here from middle school through college, I never really understood this place. Mostly it’s the culture, attitudes of people, and mentality at large that I cannot stand. If that is paired with bad experiences then I definitely wouldn’t want to return. When I left Portland in 2013, I was thinking, Yay, finally I’m out of this shithole that’s supposed to be my hometown. 

I don’t mind visiting Portland to see my old friends and family. I’m so happy and thankful for a few genuine, sincere people. Being in a transitional period can make holidays more complicated. There are some idiots that have to be out of my life. I call them idiots because they are toxic people. A toxic person has no boundaries, mutual respect, and extremely selfish. They tend to cause chaos, drama, and headaches. If there is an issue, I will try to work with people. But there’s a limit. It’s not my role or responsibility to please everyone. I don’t care to be friends with everyone. I focus on people who are in my life and what I have. Life’s too short to pursue the impossible task of trying to please everyone, yet many naive women attemp to please everyone only to burn themselves out.

Boston is becoming my new home. I love it here. I have Luis and Eddie. My cool roomies. My home community. Like-minded people through the writer’s group and freelance editors’ organization. I’m glad to have a new start and do things the way I always wanted.

Chilling with Eddie

Chilling with Eddie

Luis and I










Home group

Christmas Parties. Before departing to PDX, the Christmas parties happened a week or two earlier. I generally love the parties. Shopping, on the other hand, drives me crazy. My writer’s group had a Christmas party, Luis had an office party, and a few others. I wished that I had a nice large house so that I could host my parties. Maybe it’s something in the future to look forward to.

2014-12-13 21.28.13

2014-12-13 21.38.49









Flying to PDX. I headed to the Boston airport at 4 am. Yuck, I hate getting up so early. At least the airport won’t be as packed during the early hours. I was going to get a cab but Luis offered to drive me to the airport. Having him stay over was nice. In case I slept through the alarm, I can count on him. By now, I’m used to long flights. I slept through the flight.

PDX airport carpet


Here’s the obligatory PDX airport. If you must know, here is the history behind the PDX airport carpet. I didn’t realize that Made in Oregon made shirts of the iconic Portland airport carpet design. For those of us from Portland, this carpet just means we trekked through Portland.


Image courtesy of Made In Oregon



Hanging Out with my Sister. I crashed with her and caught up. She has become even more ripped since the last time I saw her. Take a look at her guns. Don’t mess with this girl. Her refrigerator is stocked with nothing but bodybuilder’s food from a case of eggs, steak, low-carb pasta, protein powder. It’d be nice to be as dedicated as her. Instead, I’ve been chugging sugary treats and pizza during the last few weeks. She made me steak and vegetables.


Hanging out at the Alphabet District. This is the place to roam around. Fortunately, it was not raining. Isn’t it wonderful when the weather cooperates? After having sushi for lunch, we roamed through the many stores such as Ellington Handbags. Why bother with cliche designer bags like Coach? Everyone has them. I wanted a nice, quality bad that is cute yet unique. I like the idea of supporting a local designer while sporting a bag that’s different. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants, stores where we could roam for hours.

Selfie at Sushi

Selfie with Surya


Night Out. After our roaming, we headed to Bartini for drinks and fondue. Bartini has 100 creative martinis. I wasn’t planning to get them but Adrienne told me they were worth it. It’s funny. Of all the times I spent sipping martinis and chatting with someone, I never ordered fondue from there. I usually stop here for happy hour and head to another nearby restaurant. There are tons of restaurants in town to pick from.

Ginger Drink

I still prefer straightforward drinks. That means a drink with one flavor or 2 at most. Anything more is too much. This is a ginger martini.

After that we headed to Lompoc. It was nice to catch up with everyone and hang out. My old roommie is in a relationship with a really good guy. Mama Erica has a 2 month old and a cute little boy. Chris is still his ambitious, bad self. Brian is still cool as ever. Adrienne is now a navy wife who also visited us from California. Reese is the most chill person I know who always loves to hang out. Ashley is working hard at pediatrics. Kunzer is still swing dancing. If we weren’t tired and if I had my dance shoes, going swing dancing would have been fun.


Baking cakes and shopping with mom. Only Malayalees know why Appam with any curry is special. Also, the British brought fruitcake to India. During Christmas time, Indian Christians make fruitcake. It is not that disgusting baked product full of fake shit. It is an old-fashioned rum cake with spices and dried fruit. To most Americans, I describe fruit cake as something somewhat similar to panetonne. Shopping was great without sales tax and plenty of good after Christmas deals.

Mom baking cake


It was nice to get away from the cold, Boston weather. I’m back to reality. I miss my honey and my new friends. I also miss little Eddie. I want to spoil the little guy and Luis too. (Don’t worry, I won’t neglect you). I’m glad to be back. Boston feels like home. I plan to settle down here. I really enjoy the historic buildings and old architecture that have a bit of a European feel. I love the ambitious, fast pace of life, but it is not as crazy as New York City. NYC would be fun to visit. Surya is planning to visit me and we’re going to the city. I’m not sure if I’d want to live there. It’s crowded, dirty, expensive. Maybe back in the 50s, it’d been cool to move to New York City. Boston feels like a laid-back version of New York City. I mean laid back as in East Coast laid back. The Boston accents are another story. My boyfriend who’s a Cambridge native has a slight yankee accent. But it’s not as thick as some people I’ve encountered.

Afterwards, it was nice, laid back New Year’s. No parties but just chilling & sleeping with the most low-key New Years Eve. Sometimes, we all need that don’t we?





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