The Ideal Creative Workspace

In real life, the creative workspace is what you make of it. I carry my iPad and wrote chapters of my novel, articles, attempts at poetry while riding the bus, or while waiting for appointments. I sit in my room that needs to be picked up. I write when I get 15 minutes. There is no ideal time or place to write. But in an ideal world, if I had things my way, it’d be nice to have a perfect workspace where I can be away from everyone else.

Location: Middle of a Big City 

2013-09-06 23.51.10



I’m a city girl at heart, so I’d love my space to be a studio downtown in the middle of the trendy spot of the city high up in a building with a patio and windows so that I can see the bustling street and the world from up so high. And all the action and hot spots are withing my reach. During my breaks, I could go get my coffee, grab sushi, visit the art museum, or simply walk around.


Inside Mood: A personal collection of modern art & decor inspired by modern art

Image courtesy of

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The decor inside will be inspired by the colors and patterns of modern abstract art. The furnishings will have a contemporary modern look. The rugs, curtains, and details will have off beat colors. Rather than hanging up well known paintings, I’ll hang up intriguing abstract paintings of artists that may or may not be well-known but who I enjoy. One example is Lena Karpinsky. I will also include paintings of my artist friends. I’m blessed to have known many talented artists. When I need inspiration and during my dry moments, I like going to art shows or art museums. So, why not have art pinned up in my creative space? My plants of choice are orchids, so I will have orchids.


The Necessities

Of course, a space will have to be practical too and have necessary items such as fast wifi with access to JSTOR and other journals for research. There will be a book shelf that’s complete with all the style guides, literature, books on rhetoric, writing, and many more. There will be a comfortable desk and chair that lets me sit for a  long stretch of time. I will have fast laptop with a iMac. When I want to switch from writing to art, there will be another drafting table that has all my art supplies. There is a good sound system so that I can play music of my choice when creating. When I want to just lay down and day dream, there will be a comfortable couch. Daydreaming is pre-planning, an essential part of the creative process. My current novel was birthed out of the hours spent daydreaming. Let me say that day dreaming is something I enjoy. While I was in class, I often got into trouble for day dreaming.

I enjoy dreaming about the perfect spot for unleashing my creativity. The last time I wrote my novel was an hour ago while waiting for the dryer to finish my load of clothes.

Couch by Pinch Design UK. Image courtesy of


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