Update on my life

It’s been about 4 months since I arrived in Boston. I’m happy with my decision of not returning to Portland, Oregon. I plan to settle here unless life takes me another direction. I do not ever plan to return to Portland unless visiting people or holidays. I had plenty of international experience, but not much within the US. I know that I would not like to live in the South or the Midwest. That leaves the East Coast. I visited Boston in the past and loved it.

I’m thankful for my time in Singapore. It has been an amazing experience that broadened my horizons. I met many wonderful people, enjoyed the sights, city life, and food! I have grown and experienced intense spiritual moments. It’s a good experience to have. I had to return because I had to quit teaching due to reasons I’d rather not get into. I’m thankful for support from administration and colleagues. It was a blessing.  I’m thankful for those who were supportive of me and pointed me in the right direction when things got tough. Career switching was not possible as a foreigner in Singapore. Unless I married a Singaporean or another expat to live the expat wife lifestyle, I couldn’t stay in Singapore. I can always visit. I have many memorable events and stories to tell. Maybe I served my time and purpose in Singapore. Maybe it’s time for my next life adventure.

Apartment: I found a place to stay. Boston is known for being expensive but honestly it depends where you live. It isn’t New York City. Rooming up with people is the way to keep the costs reasonable. I wanted to find a place before the college rush in September. The place I’m staying is a house that’s slightly away from the city but close enough through public transit. The place is a house that I’m sharing with 5 other people. We all have our own rooms, nice big kitchen, laundry, dishwasher, living room, and plenty of storage. The people I’m staying with are mostly young professionals in their late 20s and 30s. They seem mature, responsible, and like cool, chill people who communicate openly with no drama, partying, or stupidity.

Job: Career-switching is a challenging time of life. I had 8 interviews. And, honestly I went for everything. I went into “survival mode” and decided to take any job to pay the bills till I spread my roots and discover what I really want to do. One offered me a job but the pay was not worth it. Others didn’t offer me the job. It’s nice to know that I’m getting interviews. I nearly cried when the manager sent me an email telling me that they moved on to another candidate. Currently, I’m an administrative assistant through a temporary agency. Maybe an administrative assistant or a 9-5 job that pays the bill is what I need at this time of my life. I’m relieved that there are no papers to take home to grade or lesson planning. This is maybe my time for soul searching and recovering from burnout. It’s nice to get a day job, and then focus on writing and editing.

Soul Searching: I thought quarter life crisis was total BS until now. Burn-out is real. I plan to rediscover and rekindle my passion and truly discover my interests. I’m used to struggling—physical, family issues, overworking, dealing with tough life issues. I now have time to breathe. Reducing stress was key to recovering and allowing healing to take place. I really need to take it easy. I’m not going to write self-absorbed BS memoirs. I simply want to regain strength and recharge so that I can continue this marathon of life. I want to finish strong.

Boyfriend: I didn’t expect to find a boyfriend so soon. Over the years, I heard plenty of bad advice. I’m glad that I chose to ignore stupid advice from well-meaning people. I’ve been told that I’m a “straight up, no BS” type of girl. That’s how I fly. This means that I hate mindgames, unnecesary drama, and putting up with wimpy, pathetic men who don’t know what they want and cannot make their own decisions, take initative, or get their lives together. (To be fair, there are stupid women out there, including those grown women with princess attitudes. As a straight woman, I obviously don’t date other women, so I can only imagine what it’s like as a man). I can only comment on my experiences with men and my personal experiences.

My friend, Leonid was right. Boston is a great place for singles. There’s plenty of graduate students or students in professional programs or young professionals. It’s actually nice to meet men who actually will talk to you, show interest, and take initiative like a man. Regardless of what I heard, it’s actually easy to meet people in Boston. There are many groups and things happening. I have been socializing and meeting people of both genders for friendship and networking. Then, I thought: why not try meeting a man? If I want a relationship I should put some effort and look nice and put myself out there. I’m not talking about being a floozy. I mean hobby groups, church events, meetups, and even online.

Then, I met Luis. He seemed like a chill, mature, decent guy who’s attractive. I know what I want in a guy, so that helped me. We both have the same communication styles and common interests. I’m glad I decided to go on a date with him at a pizza restaurant. We hit it off and things are going well.


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