Ode to Nutella!

6.5 lb nutella

A 6.5 lb of Nutella found at Robin’s candy store, Massachussetts.

I did not grow up with peanut butter. Instead, there was the magical thing called Nutella. My boyfriend thought it was something new. It’s new to most people in America but been around since the 1960s in Europe. It originated in Italy in the 1940s.

Take the World Cup Soccer. That’s been around for a long time in the rest of the world, but only recently caught on to the United States. Likewise, the magical powers of Nutella seems to be recently known to Americans. I hope Ann Coulter doesn’t say panic about my preference to Nutella anytime over peanut butter. I’m a proud American citizen, but I still hate peanut butter with a passion!

While growing up in Dubai, It was a childhood habit of mine to eat Nutella out of the jar. My mom can tell you all about how she had to hide the jars (and other candy) and I always managed to find it. I’d figure out a way to climb and grab the items of desire. Every time Mom thought she discovered a clever spot, she’d later find an empty jar.

As a college student, I’d take spoonfuls of Nutella usually when I was writing a long research essay. It had to be that Nutella that helped me think. My roommate at that time, Amy, was nice enough to present me with a jar of Nutella during my finals week. That’s when I knew that I had the best roommate. She understood me.

I’m now in my 30s and still enjoy my Nutella. It’s nice with Graham Crackers or Marie biscuits, but nothing compares to eating Nutella out the jar with a spoon. Someday when I have kids, you will all see a picture of me and my kids with our spoons and Nutella jars.

Pssst…at least it’s not Vegemite! Our high schoolers had contests of who can eat spoonfuls of Vegemite the fastest. It seems only TCKs or those who grew up abroad understand why I still like my Nutella.


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