Happy 48th Birthday, Singapore!

It’s National Day in Singapore, which means it’s a national holiday with festivities such as a parade by Marina Bay. Instead of joining in the celebrations, I opted for a relaxing day home watching the parade on TV.

Here are some random youtube videos to give you an idea of “downtown” Singapore and the festivities.

And here is what Marina Bay looks like at night.

From what I heard, the place was crowded. And unless travelled abroad, most Portlanders do not comprehend crowds. The crowded malls during Christmas back in Portland is nothing compared to the crowds here. Thinking about that, I am glad that I decided to be cozy in the comfort of the air-con and watch the National Day Festivities on TV.

Earlier, I went to Little India with a friend to explore and grab some lunch. I bought a few decorative items for a good price. I spent the day preparing for my class. School starts next week and I felt overwhelmed by all the prep work that needed to be done. From my student teaching and first-year experience, I learned the important to prioritizing and drawing boundaries. Teachers can easily wok 24-7. I focused on the overall layout. Today, I wasn’t planning to come in, but ended up stopping by after my Little India outing. I spent a few hours going through old files and finished up filing. Filing takes forever. At least, I feel relieved that I have a major part of my work done. Now, I can focus on lesson planning and the upcoming openhouse.

With my high schoolers, I want to treat them as young adults getting ready to enter the adult world and college. I figured out the basic rules and procedures, how I’d set up the class, and my approach to teaching.

I agree with my coworker about taking a minimalist approach. I think I will have my high school students, especially the creative ones, to help figure out decor and bulletin boards. For example, I am going to ask my students to find literary events, writing contests, and other events that would be beneficial to the English class. They would then bring posters or type up details to hang in the wall that I’d designate as “Community Events.”

I was overwhelmed by the world, but glad that I have encouraging, supportive people around me who are becoming my new friends.

Tomorrow, I look forward to meeting with someone about work-related things, reading, and finishing up things for Monday. And then, there’s a make-your-own pizza party that I look forward to.


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