Final Days in Portland

I recently left my home in Portland, OR and now a newcomer to Kingman, AZ. It’s quite a shift. I was born in big city India, New Delhi to be exact. But, I left Delhi when I was a baby, then lived shortly in Dubai before calling Portland home. I attended grade school, graduated high school, and got both my bachelor’s and master’s degree from Portland universities.

My new move to Kingman is a big change for me. I welcome this change because that is where life took me. For whatever reason or purpose I am now here in Kingman with a teaching job. I believe that things happen for a reason and there’s a spiritual purpose for why things happen and that the journey of life has spiritual sacraments.

As weird as it may seem: sometime during late november, I had a dream that I was roaming through a western town. In the same dream, I saw glimpses of scenes from my favorite childhood animated movie, Fievel Goes West. Initially, I didn’t think much of the dream. Two days later, I applied for a list of teaching jobs. I was tired of substitute teaching and missed having my own classroom. When you are a substitute teacher, you become tired of inconsistency and going to a different class each day where you don’t know the kids. Of course, the kids will test you to see if it’s going to be a “free day.” That can get very tiring. Where I was in life, I felt ready for a full-time teaching position again and wanted a change. In a week or so, I received a call from Kingman Unified School District. I had the phone interviews and then was offered the job.

Trying to move out of state in 3 weeks can be stressful. But things started falling into place. I sold my furniture. My roommate found a new girl to replace me. She is also from our church. I will miss Amy, my old roommate. While packing, all the arrangements fell into place.

While I was in Portland, I wanted to spend all the time with friends and family. My sister and I drove up to Seattle where we enjoyed sushi at Umi Sake House and visited King Tut exhibit. Seattle has some great sushi restaurants. I’m picky about my sushi. Sushi has to be made right; otherwise, I won’t have it. But I’m not that extreme of a sushi snob to travel to Jiro’s sushi restaurant in Japan to pay $300 USD for sushi. I saw the movie Jiro Dreams of Sushi and it was unbelievable that people are willing to reserve a restaurant months ahead and pay that much for sushi. I won’t go to that extreme. But that night, Surya and I pigged out on good sashimi and all the varieties of sushi rolls. Then, we also headed to the King Tut exhibit, where we got a look at artifacts from Egypt and pieces of information about the Young King Tut and other Pharoahs. I remember looking at all the books about ancient Egypt.

I spend Christmas with my mom and sister. Then, I spend the week hanging out with friends. When it was the supposed end of the world day, we had a pizza and movie night. My friends are so hilarious.

I spent New Years Eve at a dance party. Then, a few friends came to my place for an after party. We had some great conversations, laughs, advice about dating, and yes there was some drama. But that’s when I made the excuse of being sleepy and went to bed.

The next day, I finished up all my packing and set to drive to Kingman, AZ on January 2nd.


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