Final Hour at the Writer’s House

Whew. I am exhausted, yet feel amazing for taking the time to refocus and get some writing done. I spent a lot of time researching, because I discovered that I had some holes in characterization of minor characters (including names), some restructure to plot, and researching topics relevant to the themes. I made a spreadsheet to list it out. I’ll develop it as I write. It helps keep me focused.

I just wrote 2,000 words. It may not sound as much but most of my writing takes place in the planning or pre-writing stage. I felt that this retreat was worth my time.

My final hour is about relaxing, celebrating my accomplishment, and just relaxing. It’s the time to wind down. I do this by journaling and mediating/praying.

I decided to meditate and think about why this project is important, why did I pursue this, and why it is important. I also think of the beautiful things that occurred in my life that brought me to the point of writing my novel. During my life, I had my challenges, pain, tragedy, and joy, happy moments, and successes. I accept all of it. Who I am, my true honest self with all the flaws and good features is what made me who I am today. I rejoice in accepting my life journey.

This was a refreshing retreat. I’ll be heading home in an hour or so. I’ll set aside designated hours to spend time on my writing on a consistent basis. After this little retreat, I wonder why I don’t write more often.

Tomorrow, I will spend Labor Day with my friends and in the Pearl Artwalk.


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