Day Three – Last Day at the Writer’s House

Ready, set, WRITE!


The morning started with relaxing, meditating on the pleasing, meaningful things. Then, I chatted with a friend through Skype. Then, I went to church and the topic was about the beauty, spirituality, and purpose for sex in a marriage. It inspired me. I feel fresh with new ideas. Usually, I hang out with others and go for lunch but this time most of my friends were out of town or did not show up at the service. So I instead returned to my cave.

After lunch of pancakes with maple syrup, bacon, and fruit. I read Arundhati Roy’s God of Small Things to admire her beautiful writing and prowess with her words.

When it was time for me to write, I made myself a martini and settled in my desk. Then, I noticed pictures of famous writers near me. I saw a small portrait of a handsome man in a suit with an intriguing yet almost sinister smile as he held a cigarette and looking straight into the camera when the shot was taken. I did not recognize him but thought he was gorgeous. They had a list of author portraits. And that was a portrait of John Updike when he was a young man. Behind him there was a bookshelf as a backdrop. It must have been him when he was in his 20s and a student at Harvard. You’d laugh at me. While looking at his portrait, I was thinking that if he was alive, not married, and my age, I’d want him. I know… I know... I’m just admiring God’s creation.

I now have a stretch of time to compose my chapters while handsome, young John Updike is smiling at me.

Meanwhile, I’m also thinking of another man in real life who captivated my interest. I like a man who is attractive, postive, intelligent; it’s the man I enjoy having conversations with. I can talk to him forever while enjoying every minute of the conversation. I’m glad to have known men like this. Aren’t these thoughts good ones to have while writing.

Update of my word count to come.


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