Day Two at the Writer’s House

The day started with making breakfast for myself, which included eggs, pancakes with real maple syrup, bacon, and coffee. A delicious breakfast is inspiring. For the morning, I met with my writer’s salon. The way our group works is that we hand out a few prompts and each writer chooses one that works. I picked Robin’s suggestion that she picked out from the book How to Write a Damn Good Novel of 1, writing an interview with your character or 2, making a timeline of your characters’ life events.

I picked #2 – making a timeline of your characters’ life events. I chose to list it for all the significant characters in my novel. I have realized that without having a history of my characters, the minor characters end up being flat. I’m continuing to work on this as I am shaping the plot.

I was also nearby Logik salon, where I like to get my hair done. It was a 2 hour wait, so I went to Rain OR Shine cafe with a cup of iced chai and laptop. This is where I am posting this blog before writing some more before it’s time for my appointment. I also realized that I need to do some research for my story. The cafe was playing all the 90s songs that I haven’t heard for a while like Alanis Morrisette and Jacob Dillan’s One Headlight.

There are no drastic changes. I’m opting for a trim and layers. I like to keep my hair shoulder-length. Not too long or too short. I like a mid-length because it makes the hair style look fresh, smart, and  very long hair makes me look like a high school kid. At the same time, not too short because I want to have styling options and so that he can run his fingers through my hair. Is this why most men like long hair? I can compromise a little if it’s for that one guy. But I won’t go too far beyond my comfort zone. That’s another story though.

Then, the rest of the plan is to retreat into my cave and I made it a goal to write 2 more chapters by the end of tomorrow. As I write, I’m constantly reminding myself that this is only the first draft. My mantra is strictly write first, edit later.


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