Good old days

One writing exercise I remember for a class was bringing in two pictures of yourself, one past and one present. During free write, the directions were to write about both pictures. Then, you exchange photos with a classmate who doesn’t know you well. That person comments on your pictures and likewise you write about theirs.

So, I found this picture of myself as a toddler running around Dubai near the creek a little over 25 years ago. My family took me to the park to let me run around.


I have the same distinctive features. If you looked at all my pictures from my younger years, I look exactly the same except looking younger. A person from my past can easily identify me if they saw me today.

I must be walking around with a purpose. I can’t remember what I’m looking off to but my eyes are fixed on it. I’m going straight towards that thing with a one-track mind. I really wonder what was the thing that captured my young mind? It could be something simple to everyone else, but at that age even a simple thing can be something profound and mysterious. Or maybe I’m just running around because I’m sensing all the freedom after sitting in the car for a while.

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