When the Pen runs Dry: Facing Burnout

Some people (such as a few members of my own family) seem to have this idea that writers “just write” or those in creative professions have taken a perpetual hobby of endless pleasure. That’s for hobby writers. In reality, it’s a mental workout with its rewards and efforts. Other than writing, there’s constant pitching, deadlines, marketing…

Watching Buffy 20 Years Later

Those of us re-watching Buffy since it came out in 1997, it brings so many chuckles, memories, and hot guys on screen. The reason Buffy was popular was because it captured the alienation a young girl feels for being headstrong, tough, and nonconformist. There’s a lot of pressure for teenage girls to be pretty, popular,…

Why I Don’t Believe in Writer’s Block

I’ve been there myself—many times. There was a time when I simply couldn’t write and thought about giving up. I thought my aspirations must be a joke. I must be the dumbest person in my writing class. Everyone has been there, even those with the book awards. If not, either you haven’t experienced it yet or you are a liar. I still wouldn’t call those times writer’s block. I suggest avoiding the term “writer’s block” like the plague.

New Year’s 2017 UnResolutions with tips for those with depression, anxiety, recovery, or any chronic illness

Being an ambitious, creative person with a high level of intellectual curiosity, yet having a body weakened by a chronic illness is a daily challenge. I’m natural-born visionary and ideas-generator. My eyes see more than my body can perform. There are many exciting things out there in the world to be explored. If I can’t appease my intellectual curiosity, it’s painfully frustrating.

Jessica Jones Season One: Damn, I Can So Relate

I took Marvel characters for granted till now. My 7-year-old stepson is into superheroes and loves spiderman, X-men, Iron man cartoons, and of course pirates. My husband creates graphic novels. Since he was a teenager, he created his own universe of characters and worlds. We both love mythology. I’ve also been studying Joseph Campbell’s Heroic…