This Weekend at The Muse & Marketplace Conference, Boston

Plenty could be said about the weekend. I was looking forward to learning, being encouraged and renewed, meeting new people, and plugging into the literary scene of Boston/New England. I also left with a new reading list and goals for the year as a writer. GrubStreet is the ultimate consortium for any writer or publishing professional…

2014-01-31 14.04.37

My Favorite Question: “Where Do You Live Now?”

No other question makes me feel more accomplished than “Where do you live now?” Recently, more than one acquaintance, old friend, or old coworker who ran into me in the internet world has asked me that. Within the last few years or so, I had the itchy feet. Not athlete’s foot, but a compulsion or…

My Facebook Friends are Cool

My fb friends (all of you) are awesome. I love how everyone on my page have diverse cultural backgrounds, countries, religion, politics, current issues, parenting, relationships, and ideas. I actually learn something new or challenged in my perspectives from fb posts and get good laughs. I don’t care about your background. As long as you’re not…


This Thing Called Love: Part I – The Beginnings

New Post. About the beginnings of my encounter with life, love, and early adolescence.

I’ll be talking about my journey of love. I’ve come a long way. My blog isn’t the type that’s like, Oh look! Here’s the perfect life of a cute little brown bitch with a professional photographer following her. Neither is it about baring it all for the purpose of drama and sensationalism under the disguise of realism. I’ll be real. Reality isn’t always pleasant. Neither is it about being in an endless tunnel of darkness. There are joys, adventures, successes, personal and professional triumphs, great times as well as troubles, pain, suffering. It’s all there.

Love Letter to a Writer from Writing

Electric Literature had this Valentine’s Day hashtag (#Writing Valentines) where writers tweet what their writing would speak to them on Valentine’s Day. Some were hilarious, some naughty, and some sweet. I wonder if it gives insight to the poster’s perspective or experience with love, sex, relationships, and life in general. Here’s mine: Long passionate nights. No morning regrets.…